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How to Order Online
  1. There are three ways to find an item.

    1. If you know the product's name, or part of the name, like "Dinging" for Dining Sets, AND you are ready to order, you can type it in the Search box at the upper left corner of the home page and click on Outdoor Patio Furniture - Go. It will take you to a page with a list of items that match that search word. From there you can order without having to go through the detail pages.

    2. If you know basically what you want, like a Settee, and want to learn more about that item, you can find that general item name on the left menu and click on it to see a page of the products we offer and their details.

    3. If you are not sure what you want you can browse around until you find something you are interested in. Click on any of the categories from the left menu to browse.

  2. Once you have found an item you want to purchase.

    1. Click on the Buy Now Outdoor Patio Furniture - Buy Now button. It will take you to the selection page. This page will have all the selections available like color and size choices, etc., where availabe.
    2. Once you have made your selections click on Continue Outdoor Patio Furniture - Continue.
    3. The next page is the page to fill out your shipping information. Read our Privacy & Security Policy (link is located at the bottom of the left menu) regarding your personal information before you fill out the information.
    4. Make sure you fill out all the required fields to insure your order is shipped to the correct location.  Then click on Continue.
    5. The next page is your confirmation page that confirms your personal information and the product(s) you ordered.
      1. Please check to make sure you entered all the information correctly.
        1. If there is an error, use the back button on your browser to go back and make your corrections.
      2. Since shipping is free you need not worry about any shipping information, or lack thereof.
      3. At the bottom of the page you will need to choose what credit card you will be using.
      4. When you have finished checking the information and making your credit card choice, click continue
    6. The next page is your payment information.
      1. Fill in the credit card information.
      2. Click continue.
    7. Once your credit card has been validated, your order will be confirmed and processed.

If you have any questions regarding your order, contact Customer Service.